Dead Man’s Tale god roll and best perks in Destiny 2

Take the Tex Mechanica repeater to its max with the proper perks.

Screengrab via Bungie

Dead Man’s Tale is the latest Tex Mechanica weapon in Destiny 2—and it packs a punch. Like Season of the Hunt’s Hawkmoon, this repeater rifle can roll with randomized parts and perks. And while Dead Man’s Tale is deadly in its own right, having the right roll can give it some extra firepower.

Dead Man’s Tale has a few rolls that synergize particularly well with its Cranial Spike perk. The weapon gains a stacking boost to damage and reload speed after landing critical hits, so rolls like Fourth Time’s the Charm can make for interesting gimmicks.

God rolls are usually a matter of personal preference and depend vastly on playstyle and activity. Here are the most popular Dead Man’s Tale rolls, according to

  • Barrel: Hammer-Forged Rifling/Corkscrew Rifling/Smallbore
  • Magazine: Flared Magwell/Light Mag/High-Caliber Rounds
  • Perk: Vorpal Weapon
  • Stock: Hand-Laid Stock/Composite Stock

Though those rolls feature the most popular choice, there’s hardly a singular Dead Man’s Tale god roll. Some perks excel at certain situations or playstyles, for instance, and Crucible games play out differently than your run-of-the-mill PvE activities. In addition, some players may favor reload speed or stability over range, so finding the most suitable roll is a fairly personal task.

Here’s our breakdown of the Dead Man’s Tale perks so you can find your own god roll.


Vorpal Weapon (PvE/PvP)

This perk is as close to a universal Dead Man’s Tale as you can get. It will boost damage against elites, majors, and bosses in PvE and help defeat enemy Guardians using their Super in the Crucible. Don’t underestimate the damage boost from Vorpal Weapon, though. The 15-percent damage bonus adds up quickly, particularly with the Cranial Spike buff.

Outlaw/Fourth Time’s the Charm (PvE)

One of the downsides of Dead Man’s Tale is its long reload animation, even with full stacks of Cranial Spike. Players have to input the remaining bullets two at a time, and even though they can interrupt the reload to continue firing, refilling the mag can still take some time.

Both Fourth Time’s the Charm and Outlaw tackle that problem in different ways. Fourth Time’s the Charm will add an extra bullet to the magazine upon landing four successive critical hits, giving you a higher mag to work with. Outlaw, on the other hand, greatly boosts reload after a precision kill and will let players resume firing as quickly as possible. The two perks are great options for Dead Man’s Tale, but keep in mind that each has a different trigger.

Moving Target (PvE/PvP)

Moving Target is hardly the star of the show for Dead Man’s Tale, but it can help land those precision shots and keep Cranial Spike topped up. This perk increases target acquisition—Destiny 2’s take on aim assist—and slightly increases movement speed when ADS-ing as a bonus. Vorpal Weapon, Fourth Time’s The Charm, and Outlaw are bound to work better if you can land your shots, but Moving Target can be handy if you need some extra help hitting crits.

Subsistence (PvE)

Sometimes you want to bring a repeater rifle to stomp trash mobs. And on those occasions, Subsistence is a great choice. It will load two bullets back in the magazine after each kill, which lets players keep pumping lead at almost all times against squishier enemies. Like Outlaw, the procs will be less frequent in higher-level content, but it can still help. Vorpal will likely be more useful in endgame activities, though.

Killing Wind/Snapshot Sights (PvP)

These two will provide more utility in the Crucible than in regular PvE modes. Snapshot Sights drastically reduces the time it takes to aim down sights, while Killing Wind boosts range and mobility after a kill—and the two perks can be handy when participating in PvP.


Though the perk is the most important trait, parts can boost Range, Stability, Handling, and Reload Speed. They likely won’t be the defining element in a roll, but they’ll be a factor when deciding between two Dead Man’s Tale rolls with the same perk.


The barrel can increase Stability, Range, and Handling. Smallbore will give a solid bonus to both Range and Stability, two of the most important attributes for Dead Man’s Tale. Polygonal Rifling will also boost the weapon’s Stability, while Corkscrew Rifling adds a little bit to all three attributes.


Luckily for players, Dead Man’s Tale doesn’t roll with Extended Mag or Alloy Mag, making it easy to get a more suitable roll. Flared Magwell helps mitigate the slow reload speed, though it’s redundant alongside Outlaw procs. Light Mag boosts reload and range, while High-Caliber Rounds slightly increases range and knocks targets back further. Though none of the magazine options are outright bad, these seem to be the best of the bunch.


The downsides of stocks are nearly negligible, so this part should be the lowest priority. Hand-Laid Stock will improve the recoil on Dead Man’s Tale, while Composite Stock will slightly boost recoil and Handling. Short-Action Stock gives the most Handling and Fitted Stock subtracts a bit from Handling to improve recoil control dramatically. Pick whichever one you happen to obtain, though.