Bungie still insists Destiny 2’s The Final Shape is coming in February despite layoffs

Is it coming in February after all?

The Wish Wall inside the Last Wish raid in Destiny 2, with icons lit up.
Screenshot via Bungie on YouTube

Bungie has today revealed its first teaser trailer for Destiny 2’s new season, Season of the Wish. Alongside it, the under-fire developer has maintained the title’s next major expansion The Final Shape is still set for February 2024—going against reports stating the expansion would be delayed.

Between a cinematic conclusion at the end of the Season of the Deep and a very short teaser, Destiny 2 fans have been given a glimpse of the final season of the Lightfall expansion, seemingly revolving around a return to the Dreaming City.

A Guardian running to a Risen portal, a frame of Queen Mara Sov, even a hint at one of the Destiny community’s biggest theories of the infamous 15th Wish—it’s all well and good, sure, but it’s what came in Bungie’s press release for the teaser that intrigued fans.

Despite numerous reports of a four-month delay to The Final Shape, Bungie mentioned the expansion’s original date in the release, seemingly committing to the original plan. “Season of the Wish is the final Season for Destiny 2 before The Final Shape expansion launches on February 27, 2024, with all-new Episodes to follow,” Bungie wrote.

This contradicts the main report from Jason Schreier at Bloomberg, who claimed, after conversations with laid-off employees following their departure from Bungie, The Final Shape expansion would be pushed back to June.

In fairness, Bungie has not confirmed a delay of The Final Shape at this time and may still be finalizing its release date, therefore sticking by its original date as it needed to be included with the Season of the Wish press release.

Also included in the delays is Bungie’s PvP extraction shooter Marathon, which has reportedly been pushed to 2025 after poor testing feedback and numerous layoffs in October. Again, Bungie has not publicly confirmed any delays to the project yet.

Given the amount of doubt over whether Bungie will actually hit its February deadline, it’s safe to assume the Destiny 2 development team is determining an exact launch date for the expansion behind the scenes. What ends up filling the gap between Season of the Wish and The Final Shape remains to be seen.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish will kick off on Nov. 28 and doesn’t have an end date yet.


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