Bungie confirms it will start charging for Destiny 2 dungeons with The Witch Queen

The news was not received well.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 is releasing three new dungeons during year five of its extensive content roadmap. But players who purchase The Witch Queen standard edition and the season pass won’t be able to access them without paying extra.

Fans of the game noticed on The Witch Queen FAQ page that players could “upgrade to the Deluxe Edition to access the dungeons” and that a “separate access path” would be added in the future. On the purchase page, two of the year five dungeons are listed under the deluxe edition, with a third listed under the Bungie 30th anniversary pack.

On the Destiny 2 Reddit, a post from user NotAnADC links to The Witch Queen page and points out that Bungie had not yet confirmed that players could or couldn’t access dungeons by buying the season pass.

A Bungie community manager commented on the post and confirmed that dungeons won’t be included in the season pass and that players will have to upgrade their standard version to deluxe to access the dungeons or purchase them separately.

The reaction from the community was overwhelmingly negative. A Reddit bot posted on the thread that the community manager’s comment was the most downvoted comment across all of Reddit on Oct. 19 with a current score of -2,237.

This would be the first time that Bungie has placed dungeons behind a paywall. Many fans will be curious to see whether the company revisits its decision after this initial wave of backlash.