All The Enigma glaive perks in Destiny 2

Make your glaive even deadlier with the combination that best suits your preference.

Screengrab via Bungie

Destiny 2‘s The Witch Queen expansion brought players a new weapon archetype and the tools to craft and maintain them. The update introduced weapon-crafting, and the first weapon they’ll craft is a glaive called The Enigma.

Weapon-crafting allows players to change perks and parts on their weapons. This means guardians can swap out specific combinations at will, provided they have the level to unlock the perks and the materials to transform the weapon. The Enigma serves as a perfect introduction to both the glaive archetype and the weapon crafting system.

The craftable glaive has 12 perks on each column, with six being the base versions of them and another six as improved renditions of the same perk. These are more efficient, but are also more expensive to apply and consume the elusive Ascendant Alloy crafting resource.

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Here are all the perks you can apply to The Enigma.

First perk column

  • Tilting at Windmills (default)
  • Threat Detector (level two)
  • Enhanced Tilting at Windmills (level three)
  • Feeding Frenzy (level four)
  • Enhanced Threat Detector (level five)
  • Impulse Amplifier (level six)
  • Enhanced Feeding Frenzy (level seven)
  • Subsistence (level eight)
  • Enhanced Impulse Amplifier (level nine)
  • Grave Robber (level 10)
  • Enhanced Subsistence (level 11)
  • Enhanced Grave Robber (level 12)

Second perk column

  • Unrelenting (default)
  • Kill Clip (default)
  • Thresh (level four)
  • Enhanced Unrelenting (level seven)
  • Enhanced Kill Clip (level eight)
  • Enhanced Thresh (level nine)
  • Frenzy (level 11)
  • Unstoppable Force (level 12)
  • Rampage (level 13)
  • Enhanced Frenzy (level 14)
  • Enhanced Unsoppable Force (level 15)
  • Enhanced Rampage (level 16)


  • Extended Mag (default)
  • Alloy Mag (default)
  • Appended Mag (level two)
  • Accurized Rounds (level three)
  • Swap Mag (level four)
  • Light Mag (level five)


  • Ballistic Tuning (default)
  • Low-Impedance Windings (default)
  • Tempered Truss Rod (level two)
  • Supercooled Accelerator (level three)
  • Auxiliary Reserves (level four)
  • Lightweight Emitter (level five)