Where to farm Ascendant Alloy in Destiny 2

It's like Ascendant Shards, but for crafting.

Image via Bungie

Most Destiny 2 players used to endgame activities have their own favorite sources of Ascendant Shards, used to masterwork armor pieces. With Ascendant Alloy, however, it’s not really clear-cut.

Ascendant Alloy is the crafting equivalent of the Ascendant Shards (or golf balls, as the community affectionately calls them). Like its upgrade counterpart, Ascendant Alloy is an elusive resource that’s needed for some of the most important upgrades, like adding specific improved perks to a weapon when crafting or even fabricating their catalysts from scratch.

While it’s not impossible to hoard Ascendant Alloys, the simplest sources of this resource are time-gated. Some activities have a chance of rewarding you with those drops, though, making them somewhat farmable—if you’re willing to farm high-end content for Ascendant Alloy, that is. Here’s how you can farm this elusive material.

Where to farm Ascendant Alloy in Destiny 2

The two repeatable sources of Ascendant Alloy are the weekly campaign mission in Savathûn’s Throne World and Master Wellspring runs. Both of these activities list Ascendant Alloys as a reward, and they can be completed infinitely. While the resource will only drop on the Master version of Wellspring (which has a Power Level of 1,580 as of Season of the Risen), the weekly campaign lists them as a drop in all difficulties from Hero (1,520) onwards. These are the main ways to farm this resource since they’re repeatable, but they’re locked behind Fynch reputation. If you’re looking to try the higher-difficulty missions, you’ll need to at least reputation rank 13 with the Hive Ghost. If you want to take on Master Wellspring, however, you’ll need to reach rank 18 with him.

Additionally, players can also purchase one Ascendant Alloy a week from Master Rahool in The Tower for the cost of 400 Legendary Shards. While this isn’t exactly farmable, if you’re looking to maximize your Ascendant Alloy gain, you should at least grab your weekly from him. Banshee-44 also gives out an Ascendant Alloy at max reputation, though getting there may take some time.