All new armor ornament sets in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted

If you want to haunt, you have to grind first.

Image via Bungie

In the latest season of Destiny 2, Season of the Haunted, Calus returns aboard on a nightmarish and derelict Leviathan ship, targeting the abandoned Pyramid ship located on the Moon. Players can travel to the Nightmare Castellum aboard the derelict Leviathan in an attempt to contain the Nightmares populating the once opulent vessel.

Season pass owners will be treated to a variety of perks during Season of the Haunted, including instant access to the Trespasser Exotic Sidearm, the seasonal story quests, and, of course, the season pass owner’s track on the season rewards page.

Included in that season pass owner’s track is the new seasonal armor ornament set, the Epialos Following set. The set features ornaments for arms, head, chest, legs, and the class item for all three classes. Players earn it by reaching these specific tiers in the season pass owner’s track:

  • Arms ornament: Level 64
  • Legs ornament: Level 73
  • Class item ornament: Level 83
  • Chest ornament: Level 91
  • Head ornament: Level 93

Players can also purchase the new Solar-themed sets from the Eververse to commemorate the reworked Solar subclass. Each set costs 1,500 Silver.

Here are the sets for each class.

Hunter’s Epialos Following set

  • Epialos Following Mask
  • Epialos Following Vest
  • Epialos Following Cloak
  • Epialos Following Strides
  • Epialos Following Grasps

Titan’s Epialos Following set

  • Epialos Following Greaves
  • Epialos Following Gauntlets
  • Epialos Following Helm
  • Epialos Following Plate
  • Epialos Following Mark

Warlock’s Epialos Following set

  • Epialos Following Hood
  • Epialos Following Robes
  • Epialos Following Bond
  • Epialos Following Boots
  • Epialos Following Gloves

Sun’s Apex Hunter set

Image via Bungie
  • Sun’s Apex Cloak
  • Sun’s Apex Grips
  • Sun’s Apex Mask
  • Sun’s Apex Strides
  • Sun’s Apex Vest

Radiant Breaker’s Titan set

Image via Bungie
  • Radiant Breaker Gauntlets
  • Radiant Breaker Greaves
  • Radiant Breaker Helm
  • Radiant Breaker Mark
  • Radiant Breaker Plate

Dawn Singer’s Warlock set

Image via Bungie
  • Dawn Singer Bond
  • Dawn Singer Boots
  • Dawn Singer Gloves
  • Dawn Singer Hood
  • Dawn Singer Robes