How to fix error code 8012 in Dead by Daylight

Someone's stalking the server maintenance person.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

It turns out there is something scarier than a massive horror movie villain stalking you from the shadows, and that’s not being able to log into the fun and frightening survival horror game Dead by Daylight at all.

Okay, are error codes actually that terrifying? No, but they can be very annoying when they pop up as soon as you log in. One of those familiar codes is error code 8012, which appears with this message: “Cannot connect to online services. Please try again later.”

Here’s how to fix error code 8012 in DBD.

How to fix error code 8012 in Dead by Daylight

Unfortunately, when you’re faced with error code 8012, you’re just as helpless as you would be if you were dangling on a hook with no one to save you. When this code appears, it’s usually a server-side issue that’s due to an outage or maintenance.

In this scenario, the first thing you should do is check on the status of the Dead by Daylight servers. Here are just a few methods for doing so:

  • Check the Dead by Daylight pages on sites like DownDetector or ServicesDown. The DD page is probably your best bet; it shows the most reported problems, when they were reported, and includes comments from users explaining exactly what went wrong for them.
  • Check the official DBD Twitter and support page. DBD’s Twitter will post about significant outages, and error messages will appear at the top of the primary Support page.

If there don’t appear to be any significant server issues ongoing, then try these steps.

  • Exit the game and check for an update. If you’re playing on Steam, you may need to fully exit Steam for a new update to appear.
  • Check your internet connection. Restart your PC.

Contact the DBD Support team here after you’ve exhausted all other options if you’re still having issues connecting.