A speedrunner is playing Ocarina of Time blindfolded for charity

Runnerguy2489 is going above and beyond the call of duty.

Image via Nintendo

Runnerguy2489 is a talented Zelda speedrunner, but this is even more impressive.

To help SightSavers, a charity that tries to help blind people regain their vision, the speedrunner has taken up the audacious task of completing Ocarina of Time while blindfolded.

He has previously completed Ocarina of Time, entirely while blindfolded, and is set to do it all over again for the sake of charity.

In order to maneuver himself through the game’s vast world, the speedrunner uses the sounds that Link makes while walking, as well as sounds within the world to find his location. He also uses a series of game mechanics, such as the game’s Z-target system, which allows him to lock onto enemies or important objects to get where he needs to go.

At time of writing, the speedrunner has already completed all of the child dungeons and is set to begin his quest to collect all of the medallions in the adult section of the game.

Those that donate to the cause have a chance to win a series of prizes, including a Nintendo Switch with Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The speedrunner has currently raised $2,500 out of his $10,000 target.