Speedrunners are already beating Breath of the Wild’s new DLC in roughly an hour

It's only been one day, but Trial of the Sword is being destroyed.

Image via Nintendo

Zelda’s newest DLC is meant to be challenging for even the best players—but that doesn’t appear to be the case for speedrunners.

Trial of the Sword, a DLC quest for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that was released on June 30, tasks players with completing a series of challenges without dying, or else you have to start from the beginning.

Players are stripped of all their weapons and armor and have to scavenge to survive, find secret items, and pray for the best of luck to succeed. If you can survive all 60 floors, you are rewarded with improvements to the best weapon in the game—the Master Sword.

Trial of the Sword is meant to be one of the most difficult quests in the entire game and can take hours or even days to complete for casual players.

Speedrunners, on the other hand, have already completed these trials in just over one hour—and the best speedrunners are targeting to beat everything in just under an hour as time goes by.

The quest is essentially a series of micromanagement, holding onto weapons and items in earlier floors to use to your advantage later on. The speedrunner Loloup, for example, uses everything to his advantage to fly through the challenges with ease, hardly breaking a sweat.

As the speedrun community continues to flesh out the route for Trial of the Sword, we could potentially see the time for this speedrun decrease even more in the near future.