Twitch is celebrating diversity with an inclusive site-wide holiday

The event will be held May 26.

Image via Twitch

Twitch is highlighting its community’s diversity with a new site-wide holiday called TwitchUnity.

The streaming service expects TwitchUnity to “spread a broader message about the importance of inclusivity,” according to Twitch. Come May 26, Twitch streamers will be encouraged to engage with viewers on the issue of diversity and representation, while Twitch itself will highlight streams that push the community forward in a positive way.

A new global emote and channel graphics will be introduced to the community in celebration of TwitchUnity. Likewise, a new exclusive T-shirt will become available. To top it off, Twitch will hold a dance-a-thon with all proceeds going to charity.

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“The commitment that many of our creators have made to inclusivity and diversity is what makes the Twitch community special,” Twitch Studio lead producer Anna Prosser Robinson said in a statement. “We recognize and value this characteristic so much that ‘Welcome everyone’ is written in our brand values. The goal of TwitchUnity is to inspire discussion, positive action, and cultural growth in our community in order to affirm and continue to cultivate a diverse and inclusive experience.”

A new Twitch community, TwitchUnity, will also open up on May 26 to promote on-stream diversity activities. Twitch’s weekly show, Twitch Weekly, will celebrate the event, followed by the three hour dance-a-thon featuring Twitch creator and Just Dance professional LittleSiha.

Other Twitch streamers that are actively taking part in TwitchUnity includes 8BitDylan, AdamKoebel, animatedbreak, AnneMunition, BanzaiBaby, Bluejay, DeafGamersTV, DistractedElf, DjTechlive, ElleBee_, Fats, KayPikeFashion, Lil_Lexi, OddishPlaysGames, okaydrian, SeriouslyClara, and snowlit.

All proceeds earned on TwitchUnity day will go toward Amnesty International.

TwitchUnity is part of Twitch’s ongoing mission of celebrating diversity. Continuing in the spirit of diversity, Twitch will set aside an area of TwitchCon 2017 for Inclusivity City, a place to promote its values.