Twitch is bringing on FailArmy and The Pet Collective as two new channels

These channels will have all new live and recorded shows.

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Twitch and Jukin Media are launching two new channels, FailArmy and The Pet Collective, on the streaming service.

Both channels launch Oct. 11. FailArmy’s new Twitch show, Fails of the Week, will debut exclusively on Twitch at 1:53pm PT, and continue every Thursday at 5pm PT. Fails of the Week will marathon on Twitch on Oct. 12 starting at 2pm PT.

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If you’re not familiar with FailArmy, it’s a “humor video brand” with clips sent in from its viewers. It has live shows, original content, and video compilations, but it’s best known for Fails of the Week. Likewise, The Pet Collective is centered on “the top trending pet and animal videos online.” It has “hilarious how-to videos, and of course, puppy, kitten, cat, and other critter complications,” according to Twitch’s press release.

“The meteoric rise of IRL vlogging category on Twitch is a clear sign that our community loves commentating on everyday activities,” said Jane Weedon, director of business development for Twitch. “We have also witnessed the appeal of shared experiences when it comes to watching programmatic TV marathons together. FailArmy has the top collection of IRL viral clips from all over the world and The Pet Collective is representative of the internet’s love for cute animals. Bringing their programming to Twitch breathes new life into the content by adding commentary from viewers, while tapping into their love of collective viewing.”

More than 50 percent of FailArmy’s viewers identify as gamers, which makes it a natural expansion to move onto Twitch, Cameron Saless, chief growth officer of Jukin Media, said in a statement.

There will be Pet Collective content on their channel when it launches on Oct. 11.

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