A Taiwanese hotel puts gaming computers in every room

There's a massive gaming lounge in the lobby, too.

Photo via i hotel

Who says you need to spend your vacation on a beach? Those more interested in computer screens may want to consider an alternative option, like Taiwan’s i hotel.

Located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, i hotel is a luxury space with a sleek, modern design—and gaming PCs in each room. And they aren’t just any gaming PCs. These are fitted with GeForce 1080 Ti graphics cards and are 4K compatible. Each room has two, so travel partners can play together.

But if you’ve got more than two, head down to i hotel’s lobby to experience its gaming lounge. Multiple PCs and DXRacer chairs are set up for guests, as well as for use by the general public, though for a price.

Rooms cost around $100 a night, but the hotel offers hourly rates for its public computers, according to Mashable.

It’s not too bad of a price for such a unique, luxury experience. In a video tour of the place,YouTuber Joeman explores the rooms, and besides the gaming PCs, they look quite nice. It’s like a luxury LAN cafe you can sleep in.

H/T Mashable