Snoop Dogg just streamed SOS on Twitch and it was really weird

But was he actually playing the game? It didn't seem so.

Photo via The Come Up Show/Flickr (CC by 2.0)

Rapper and entertainer Snoop Dogg spent part of his afternoon streaming SOS on Twitch—and, yeah, it was extremely weird.

SOS developer Outpost Games, Inc. describes it as “an interactive game show” that puts 16 “entertainers” on an island with the goal of escaping. It’s supposed to play like a game show, and the players—sorry, entertainers—have an audience to interact with. The game is in Early Access on Steam as of today, and it made its big debut by nabbing Snoop Dogg as one of its launch players.

It’s not entirely clear if Snoop Dogg was actually playing or just, uh, acting, as he takes his hands off the mouse and keyboard multiple times to enjoy a smoke. (Fun fact, smoking weed on Twitch is fine, as long as it’s legal where you live.)

The whole stream read like a badly produced E3 demo, where the developer hires a bunch of actors to voice in-game players. And based on the voices we heard on stream, we’re fairly certain that’s exactly what Outpost did—we’ve got everyone from a wannabe radio announcer to an interpretation Grease’s Frenchy.

Snoop Dogg’s SOS Twitch stream ended after about an hour with a dramatic performance from the rapper where he refuses to leave his team after being swarmed by locusts and declares that SOS is dope as fuck. That’s just before he signs off with one last word of advice “smoke weed every day.”