Super Mario Odyssey’s any percent world record is moving closer to the hour mark

Will speedrunners find a way to get it done?

Image via Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey speedrunners continue to decrease the time it takes to complete the any percent category, with the world record now sitting at one hour, two minutes, and 49 seconds.

NicroVeda, the current world record holder for the any percent category, was the first speedrunner to break the one-hour and three-minute mark last night, beating the previous record set by Suisaiga by 25 seconds.

The any percent category requires the player to complete the game as quickly as possible. Super Mario Odyssey speedrunners have been revising and creating routes for the game over many months to shave crucial seconds off of the best possible time in the hopes of breaking the hour mark.

If NicroVeda can do everything perfectly in his next run, his time would sit just two minutes above the one hour goal. The chances of the speedrun reaching that goal, however, might come down to someone finding a crucial glitch that allows players to skip large portions of the game.

As Super Mario Odyssey’s speedrun community continues to push for the hour mark, news broke at the beginning of April that the game will be joining the SGDQ lineup this year. The game will make its GDQ debut alongside other titles like Metroid Samus Returns this summer.

Super Mario Odyssey is one of 177 games that will be showcased at the event. SGDQ 2018 will take place from June 24 to July 1.