Super Mario, Metroid, and Final Fantasy VII end the week at SGDQ

The best block is about to begin.

Image via Nintendo

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for. Will the speedrunning community save or kill the animals in Super Metroid?

SGDQ is just about to start its biggest block of all. It begins with a Super Mario relay race featuring 15 of the Mario community’s biggest and best speedrunners for one of the biggest races to ever grace a GDQ event. Three teams of speedrunners are speedrunning five Super Mario games beginning with Super Mario Bros. for the NES and ending on Super Mario World.

Two Metroid games follow the much anticipated Mario relay race with Metroid Fusion kicking off the block. Viewers will then find out who won this years save or kill the animals, as we go into a Super Metroid race featuring three of the top speedrunners for the game. Save or kill the animals is a donation incentive that asks the viewers to decide through donations if they want Samus to save some animals at the end of the game from destruction or leave them behind on the planet to die.

Final Fantasy VII, the longest speed game at GDQ, will then keep viewers entertained for around eight hours.

As we head into the weekend there are still a ton of games to come. SUPERHOT, Titanfall 2, and Dark Souls 3 are just a few of the titles that will be played on Saturday as this year’s SGDQ slowly comes to an end.