Active shooter situation underway at YouTube HQ in San Bruno, California

Police confirm activity at YouTube's address.

Photo via BrokenSphere/Wikimedia Commons

Multiple police units were on scene at YouTube HQ after reports of an active shooter situation on campus.

San Bruno police confirmed on Twitter that there was police activity at 901 Cherry Avenue, the address for YouTube’s headquarters, around 1pm PT. “We are responding to an active shooter,” San Bruno police wrote on Twitter at 1:28pm PT. “Please stay away from Cherry Ave and Bay Hill Drive.” Police told Dot Esports that its Twitter account will be kept up-to-date with information.

San Bruno’s city manager told Dow Jones that there is no longer a threat at YouTube HQ. San Francisco General Hospital has confirmed it is receiving patients from the active shooter situation, according to CBS San Francisco.

San Francisco General Hospital spokesperson Brent Andrew confirmed during a press conference that the hospital has received three patients from the shooting—two women and one man. The man is in critical condition, while one women is in fair condition and the other in serious condition.

A project manager at YouTube described the situation on Twitter. “We were sitting in a meeting and then we heard people running because it was rumbling the floor,” Todd Sherman said. “First thought it was an earthquake.”

“I looked down and saw blood drips on the floor and stairs,” Sherman added. “Peeked around for threats and then we headed downstairs and out the front.”

An estimated 1,700 employees work at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, according to ABC News.

This situation is developing. We’ll update this story as more information comes in.