PewDiePie becomes the first YouTuber to reach 80 million subscribers

How long can he hold off T-Series for?

Screengrab via PewDiePie

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjelberg became the first YouTube channel to hit 80 million subscribers today. The Swedish YouTuber beat Indian YouTube channel T-Series to the mark by roughly 810,000 subscribers.

Although PewDiePie has been the top channel on the platform in terms of subscribers for a long time, that claim has been seriously threatened recently by T-Series.

The music label and movie studio’s channel is in second place for YouTube subscribers with just under 79.2 million. T-Series has been hot on PewDiePie’s trail by uploading music videos multiple times a day. The high-quality and frequent videos combined with the internet presence of India has made T-Series a legitimate contender to PewDiePie’s YouTube throne.

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T-Series will likely also hit 80 million subscribers relatively soon—but who knows how many more subscribers PewDiePie will accumulate in that time. Moving forward, fans will be excited to watch the two channels battle for the top spot on YouTube throughout 2019.