One of the rarest video games ever is up for sale—if you have $100,000

You can grab a piece of gaming history.

Image via Nintendo

One of rarest game cartridges ever created is currently for sale on eBay.

The listing, described as one of the best condition gold cartridges ever sold, currently has an asking price of $99,999.99—the same price as one of the last sales of the cartridge in 2014.

The gold cartridge being sold is one of 26 copies that were given away in sweepstakes held by Nintendo Power magazine. The cartridges were created to act as promotional material for the the Nintendo World Championships in 1990.

Another gold cartridge is also on sale on eBay right now, but with a missing label and significant cosmetic damage it’s available for just $3,000.

Regionals for the Nintendo World Championships were held in 29 cities across the United States. Winners of the 29 events won tickets to the finals of the tournament that were held in Los Angeles later that year.

90 standard grey cartridges were given to finalists of the event, but the gold cartridges is the most sought after piece of gaming memorabilia in the world.

The tournament tasked players with completing a series of challenges over three games—Super Mario, Rad Racer, and Tetris— in an allotted period of time. The player who scored the most points won.

The winner of the grand final event won $10,000 in savings bonds, a Mario themed trophy, and a host of Nintendo themed prizes like consoles and games.

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