Ninja will be a contestant on Family Feud this summer

He was on the show five years ago, too.

Screengrab via Ninja

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins had a busy weekend. The popular Fortnite streamer spent the weekend away from his home in Illinois since he was in Los Angeles to participate in an episode of Family Feud. While many know of Ninja after he grew in popularity on Twitch, he was actually on Family Feud five years ago—well before his fame.

Family Feud is a popular American television game show where two families of five individuals compete to guess the correct answer of various survey questions. Winners receive cash prizes along with other awards. While there have been various hosts since the show first aired in 1976, popular comedian Steve Harvey is the current host of Family Feud.

Throughout the week, Ninja mentioned that he’d be in California over the weekend, but he never explicitly said why. Fans were left in the dark until yesterday when he announced his reason on Twitter with a picture of his family competing on an episode of Family Feud. From the picture, it seems like his wife Jessica is on the show along with various other family members. Ninja will compete in one of the celebrity-centered episodes.

The Blevins family isn’t a stranger to Family Feud, though. An episode aired in 2014 featuring Ninja and the rest of his family. It was reported that the Blevins family won over $40,000 while on the show. Time will tell if Ninja will have the same success he had on the show in 2014. The most recent episode is set to air sometime over the summer.