Twitch’s new subscription program could significantly increase streamer revenue

A new tier system for subscriptions allows viewers to up their streamer support.

Image via Twitch Interactive

Twitch will soon roll out a revamped subscription system for its partnered streamers.

In addition to the current $4.99 subscription option, viewers will be able to subscribe for $9.99 and $24.99 a month. Twitch partners will be able to opt into the program later this month. Those who choose to subscribe at a higher tier will gain access to new perks, like exclusive emotes, Twitch said in its press release.

Partnered broadcaster’s emotes tiers will also be adjusted, with Twitch adding 50 tiers instead of the previous 14. Unlocked emote tiers will now stay permanently unlocked, even if a broadcaster’s subscriber count dips below the number for that tier. The subscriber emote tier system required a certain amount of subscribers, and as each tier is met, new emotes are unlocked for viewers.

Purchasing a higher tier subscription will help the community unlock emote tiers quicker. In an earlier leaked email, Twitch said that the $9.99 subscription is worth two subscribers, while the $24.99 subscription is equal to six.

An upgraded subscription program could significantly increase revenue for partnered Twitch streamers—and that’s a good thing. Twitch streaming as a full-time job becomes more viable as streamers are increasingly compensated for their work.

Additionally, Twitch will also begin offering subscription gifting—a feature the community has been clamoring for. Subscription gifting will allow people to purchase a channel subscription for a non-subscribed user.

Twitch has not announced exactly when the feature will go live.