Dr DisRespect will resume normal stream schedule after shots were reportedly fired at his California home

Police have determined the weapon used in the shooting was a BB gun shot from a nearby park.

Screengrab via Dr DisRespect

Twitch streamer Guy “Dr DisRespect” Beahm’s home has reportedly been the target of multiple gunshots over the past two days, according to the streamer.

Local authorities confirmed that police are currently investigating gunshots at a home in California. A report was filed yesterday for a similar shooting in the same area. A representative for Dr DisRespect has since posted on his official Twitter. “The Doc and family appreciate everyone’s concerns and well wishes,” the representative wrote. “Thankfully no one was hurt. The situation is being handled appropriately. In the meantime, stream will resume tomorrow according to schedule.”

Dr DisRespect said on stream immediately after the event that his home was shot at twice in the past two days, the latter of which was captured on stream. A local news site posted photos of the home online, which show a broken glass barrier. Police determined the weapon used to shoot at his house was a BB gun, according to the San Diego Tribune. Authorities have not confirmed whether Dr DisRespect was specifically targeted in the shooting.

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Dr DisRespect was streaming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode when a loud noise—what sounds like gunshots—was heard. Dr DisRespect left the stream’s view and returned a little while later to inform viewers he was signing off.

“I  have to end the broadcast,” he said. “Someone shot at our house. Broke the fucking upstairs window.”

At the time, he said it was a drive-by shooting and the second time over the past two days a similar incident had happened. No one was hurt in the incident, and a note on stream said that neither Dr DisRespect nor his family—his wife and daughter—were injured. “Proper measures are being taken while the stream is down for the day,” it said.

The popular Twitch streamer was reportedly swatted in March. Swatting is when a fake report is called in as a way to lead police to an unsuspecting victim’s home. Victims are often livestreaming when a swat call is made, and viewers watch as police barge into an unsuspecting person’s home. 

In December 2017, a swatting call connected to several Call of Duty players led to another man being shot and killed by police.