Curse’s communication tool is now Twitch’s Desktop App

Twitch is taking over.

Image via Twitch | Remix by Dot Esports

The Twitch takeover is in full force—and this time, it’s looking to take out Discord.

Twitch announced today it will rebrand and enhance the Curse App as its new desktop application to serve as an extension to Twitch itself. The Twitch Desktop App will introduce community servers, voice and video messaging, and game content distribution. Many Twitch streamers have communities that live outside of Twitch when streams are offline—like servers on Discord. The Twitch Desktop App brings those communities, even when a stream isn’t live, back to the Twitch platform.

A public beta for the Twitch Desktop App will begin on March 16.

“Since the Twitch community thrives on building solid and meaningful connections with each other, we have been hard at work building products that address this need,” Twitch CEO Emmett Shear said in a statement. “The Twitch Desktop App—which features all of the elements people live about the Curse app, such as screen sharing, voice and video calling, and community server creation—is now bolstered by Twitch features.”

The Twitch Desktop App will also serve as a game library for games bought through Twitch. Twitch community members will be able to chat with other users through whispers seamlessly between the Twitch platform and Twitch Desktop App. Users will also be able to check in on their friends to see when they’re streaming, watching a stream, or playing a game.

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