4 January 2015 - 19:51

Speedrunning marathon Awesome Games Done Quick aims to raise money for charity

Awesome Games Done Quick is back, and this time it hopes to be bigger than ever
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Awesome Games Done Quick is back, and this time it hopes to be bigger than ever.

AGDQ is a marathon in which players must beat games as quickly as possible for charity. It’s streamed live, and those viewing online can donate to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. It’s a great cause, and one that continues to get more support year after year.

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It’s all organized by the speedrunners at Speed Demos Archive, a dedicated community of gamers who try to break world records by speedrunning through games. Unlike “Let’s Play” videos, speedruns are actually fun to watch. The speedrunner has in-depth knowledge about the game, and it’s rather entertaining to watch Super Mario Bros. beaten in mere minutes.

Games Done Quick is a bi-annual event. Awesome Games Done Quick is held in the winter, while Summer Games Done Quick is held in the summer. Last year, AGDQ raised just over $1 million. Before 2014, it had taken eight AGDQ marathons to reach that milestone. The surge of support the community received last year was unprecedented.

The charity stream runs from Jan. 4 to Jan. 10. That’s 160 hours of uninterrupted speedrunning. If you want to see if your favorite game will be included, you can check out the schedule here.

Because the cause is so righteous, here’s hoping 2015 will be even better.

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