AGDQ 2019’s schedule is jam-packed with fun and quirky speedruns

The schedule is out two months before the start of the show.

Image via GDQ | Remix by Will Copus

The schedule for next year’s Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) marathon has been revealed and it is packed with tons of fan-favorite games and interesting new speedrun categories.

The annual speedrun marathon brings together hundreds of speedrunners from around the world all in the name of charity.  Viewers can can make donations for a chance to win prizes and influence the runs, all while raising millions of dollars for a good cause.

Day one of AGDQ 2019 begins strong, with Hollow Knight leading the charge. Fans will then be gifted with a strong showing of other titles like Donkey Kong Country, Majora’s Mask, and Portal in the first 24 hours of the week-long event.

A lot of games that are at almost every GDQ make the lineup again this year, but the GDQ staff have chosen speedrun categories for each title that stray from the norm. Super Metroid’s speedrun category, for example, will challenge the runner to complete the bosses in reverse order, which should make it entertaining for those that watch the event every year.

The awful games block, which is a series of buggy and downright horrible games, begins on Thursday after the Mega Man block and ends with Trio the Punch: Never Forget Me. 

AGDQ 2019 will take place in Rockville, MD from Jan. 5 to 13  to support The Prevent Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps with early detection of all forms of cancer.

Those looking to get a taste of GDQ action before the main event, however, can tune into a special event called GDQ Express which is taking place at Twitchcon at the end of the month. The event will be streamed on Twitch and money raised for it will go towards Twitch-sanctioned charities.