What is CS:GO Prime?

Prime Status is a must.

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While CS:GO is free-to-play, CS:GO Prime exists as an alternative for players that want to enjoy some extra benefits.

Here’s everything you need to know about CS:GO Prime.

What is CS:GO Prime? Benefits of Prime Status

CS:GO Prime allows players to be matched exclusively with other CS:GO Prime members in online Counter-Strike and Danger Zone matches.

Prime users are also eligible for Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases, and have access to all community-operated servers. An MP5-SD Lab Rats skin was the first Prime-exclusive item added to the game, but many more have been added since.

The real benefit of Prime is that you’ll potentially be able to avoid cheaters. Wallhacking and aimbotting, sadly, are common practices in Counter-Strike, especially in the lower ranks. Prime status acts as a deterrence to cheaters who don’t want to invest money into an account that could be banned. The hope is that cheaters dwell on non-Prime accounts and ruin the matchmaking experience for non-Prime users.

Prime status doesn’t mean you’ll avoid cheaters altogether, but it should help improve the standard of your matches. Prime isn’t an anti-cheat and it never will be, but it’s most certainly better than nothing.

How to get CS:GO Prime

To get CS:GO Prime you simply buy Prime status on Steam. If you bought and owned Counter-Strike before it went free-to-play on Dec. 6, 2019, you’ll automatically have Prime activated on your account. But, if for whatever reason, you removed the phone number associated with your account, your Prime Status will have been removed.

This number, though, can easily be linked again to activate Prime, but only after six months. Your Prime status is tied to your phone number rather than the account you’re using, meaning you can switch it over to a new account if necessary.

How much is CS:GO Prime?

CS:GO Prime costs a one-time payment of $14.99 on Steam. As stated on the game’s Steam page, it’s worth noting that purchasing CS:GO Prime grants you Prime Account status for both CS:GO and Counter-Strike 2.

Can Prime and non-Prime users play together?

If you have CS:GO Prime, you can still play with friends that don’t. Unfortunately, this also means you’ll be matched up with other non-Prime players which could mean a greater chance of playing with cheaters.

Is CS:GO Prime worth it?

Whether or not CS:GO Prime is worth it is largely up to you. Before June 2021, players used to be able to unlock CS:GO Prime simply by playing enough casual matches to get their account to level 21.

However, Valve removed the option, and the only way players can possibly obtain CS:GO Prime is by purchasing it.

If you play a lot of CS:GO and find yourself pining for the chance to earn exclusive item drops, CS:GO Prime might be a wise purchase for you. Possibly reducing the number of cheaters you’ll bump into in online matches is a pretty nice bonus too.


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