Virtus Pro almost lost a round against BIG due to a bomb glitch

The C4 bug continues to plague CS:GO.

Image via Valve

Virtus Pro’s CS:GO team faced a serious bug on Overpass when they were playing against BIG in the United Masters League yesterday.

The Poles had to play for kills since the C4 was bugged and couldn’t be retrieved. The round couldn’t be restarted either since damage was already inflicted.

VP still won the round despite making individual plays. The Poles lost the map, though. BIG recovered in the end and took the game to overtime to eventually win 25-21.

This bomb bug has been in CS:GO for years, however, and Valve has never found a way to properly fix it. This can happen on any map—the C4 can even get stuck below the ground on Dust II, for example.

Valve needs to address this bug in an upcoming update, regardless of whether it’s easy to fix. If the C4 disappeared during a big LAN tournament, it’d generate discussion to restart the round and make CS:GO look bad to viewers.

If Valve can’t fix the bomb glitch, tournament organizers could talk with the players to see if they think the round should be restarted if the bomb gets bugged. In the case of VP, they could’ve lost the round even with a five-vs-four advantage because of the bugged bomb.

There has to be a middle ground, though. If tournaments begin to restart rounds due to the bomb glitch, a team may take advantage and intentionally lose the bomb if they feel they can’t win the round fairly.