CS:GO glitch causes C4 to get stuck below Dust II

Imagine if people start planting bombs.

Image via Valve

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans have noticed a glitch that makes the C4 go under the map on Dust II.

There are places on Dust II, most commonly the x-box in the middle of the map, that can sometimes cause the bomb to disappear after you drop it.

Apparently, this bug has been around since 2017 when a player complained about it on the CS:GO Steam forum.

The problem isn’t easy to fix, though, according a map creator on Reddit. Some people suggested that a simple solution would be adding bomb reset triggers underneath the map’s floor. But a map creator said that something like this would be awful to implement.

“It’s not as simple as clicking a checkbox,” the map creator said. “You’d have to go through and clone basically everything and reapply a certain texture to it, as well as making the cloned block itself into a bomb trigger.”

Regardless of whether it’s easy to fix this glitch, it’s been present in the game for more time than it should and Valve needs to correct it in a update soon. If the C4 disappeared during a big LAN tournament, it’d generate discussion to restart the round and make CS:GO look bad to viewers.

Taking in consideration that Valve usually doesn’t address similar problems quickly, it’s impossible to say how long this glitch will remain in CS:GO.