Valve changes Vertigo, fixes smoke exploit in latest CS:GO update

Valve reworked Vertigo's A bomb site.

Image via Valve

Valve released a new CS:GO update yesterday that massively changed the A bomb site on Vertigo and fixed the smoke bug that was discovered last week.

Vertigo has been criticized by many pros due to its unbalanced metagame. The CT-side couldn’t hold the executions on the A bomb site or take the initiative to fight for ramp control in the beginning of the round.

Now the CTs should have more control of the ramp area, preventing the Ts from executing so often. Here are a few changes made by Valve. The most important is the wood fence, that now has a gap where the players can quickly jump.

  • The wood fence was shortened so the CTs can control the ramp easily or drop down.
  • The cover on the bomb site was pushed back. This way, the Ts can’t plant the bomb as easily as before.
  • The ramp that gives access to the bomb site was tightened.
  • Players can now self-boost on the back of the A bomb site.

The smoke bug was also addressed in this update. It allowed players to change the perspective of a smoke grenade once per round. It was discovered on May 19 and the exploit worked on Valve’s official servers.

Valve has restricted players to record their demos on dedicated servers. Now it’ll only record during warm-up or freeze time. This feature prevents players from changing the format of a smoke grenade in the middle of a game.

The full patch notes are available on the CS:GO website.

Update May 22 6:25pm CT: Valve released a small update today, which makes all smoke, grenade explosions, and fire displays consistent.