Users are reporting crashes with the new CS:GO battle royale mode Danger Zone

Day one of Danger Zone is off to a slow start.

Image via Valve

CS:GO’s newest battle royale mode, Danger Zone, seems to be problematic for many users in its very first hours in the game.

Users on Reddit are coming together in a post to report that they’re experiencing crashes when trying to play Danger Zone. Computers containing AMD graphics cards seem to be the main victim of the crashes, but Intel GPUs apparently aren’t working with Danger Zone either.

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Some others, however, are saying that CS:GO can’t be loaded altogether, which is a major problem for anyone that wants to play the game in any capacity.

Streamers like Michael “shroud” Grzesiek aren’t getting the same problems as many others, so it may be isolated to lower-end computers. With this being the opening day of Danger Zone, CS:GO is one of the top games being watched on Twitch right now next to Fortnite, which just had its seventh season release this morning.

You can see if others are experiencing the same issues as you and if they have the same computer specifications in one of the top Reddit posts on /r/GlobalOffensive. Valve will likely drop another update in the coming hours to alleviate the problem if a significant number of the player base is experiencing crashes.