CS:GO becomes free-to-play as Valve introduces a battle royale mode, Danger Zone

"Where we droppin' boys?"

Image via Valve

The biggest update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has arrived—a new battle royale mode called Danger Zone.

Danger Zone, the newest addition to the battle royale genre, introduces Valve’s take on the most popular Hunger Games-style of gameplay. Players can drop into the Danger Zone map, Blacksite, as a solo, duo, or trio.

With the addition of the battle royale mode, CS:GO is now free-to-play for anyone wanting to try out one of the world’s most popular first-person shooters. Beforehand, the game was $14.99, but now the game developers decided that it’s time to make CS:GO as easily available as it’s Source engine counterpart, Dota 2.

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Like other battle royale games, players must find weapons and look for supply drops for special equipment. There are also challenges that can be done while en route to that sweet first-place finish.

Additionally, Valve released a new cosmetic set to commemorate the battle royale mode, which is called the Danger Zone case. It includes 17 new community-made finishes and horizon knives as the rare special items.

For more information about Danger Zone, check out Valve’s site with everything you need to know about the new battle royale mode.