TYLOO becomes first team to qualify for IEM Winter

The Chinese squad did so by winning the Asian qualifier

Screengrab via Valve

IEM Winter is almost two months away. But despite the CS:GO tournament being so far off, some teams are starting to claim their spots in it. 

TYLOO is the first squad to do so. They triumphed at the Asian qualifier today, guaranteeing a spot in the event.

Only four squads took part in the qualifier, with Team NKT and Wings Up Gaming receiving direct invites. The Black Company and TYLOO advanced through the open qualifier. But no team found a way to beat the experienced Chinese roster. 

TYLOO dominantly secured a place in the finals, which they won 2-0. Team NKT, TYLOO’s opponent in the grand finals, only managed to claim 16 rounds in total over the course of Overpass and Vertigo.

IEM Winter could be TYLOO’s first event since ESL Pro League season 11 in March 2020 in which they travel to Europe for an international tournament. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be since the Chinese squad has yet to play an IEM Fall 2021: Asia qualifier. If they win that or perform better than ViCi, TYLOO will get to book their flights to Sweden for the PGL Major Stockholm 2021, which starts on Oct. 23. 

IEM Winter is aiming to host 16 teams from across the globe from Dec. 2 to 12. Eleven of them will receive direct invites, while five will earn their spots through regional qualifiers.