This CS2 gun is so bad, it took players 2 months to realize it’s bugged

CS2's biggest troll gun is trolling players even more.

PP Bizon
Screengrab via Dot Esports

For months, no one has noticed that you can’t refund the PP-Bizon in CS2.

It’s a funny little coincidence that this gun is bugged. If you’re the type of person who buys the PP-Bizon in any situation, you likely aren’t even thinking about refunding it. Bizon players aren’t known for their attention to detail when it comes to the rest of their team’s money or basic weapon stats. No, if you purchase the Bizon, you’re either not a serious Counter-Strike player, have such an insurmountable lead that your weapon purchases truly do not matter, or need to seriously up your meme game.

This is because the PP-Bizon is one of the worst guns in Counter-Strike. Its only redeeming quality is the magazine size. There are only a few situations in which it’s acceptable to buy the Bizon: When you’re sure the other team is only on pistols with no armor or when you’re absolutely sure you’re going to win the game.

The Bizon is outclassed by every single other gun in the SMG category. On the T side, the Mac-10 is a better option, with a better rate of fire and better accuracy. On the CT side, the MP9 might be a little overpowered for its price point, with easy recoil and solid damage in close. For off-meta picks, the MP7 can do more damage than people think, and the UMP used to be in the meta before it was nerfed.

If you’re looking to troll, just buy the Negev. It’s a similar price point, with a massive 150-round belt. Additionally, the recoil on the gun is easily controllable. The Negev is also funnier: No one buys LMGs in Counter-Strike under competitive circumstances, and holding down the fire button on your mouse for 15 seconds is just hilarious.

Also, you can refund it. Because it is not bugged.


Hunter Cooke
Investigative Unit. Rainbow Six Siege, VALORANT.

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