The latest CS:GO update helps players practice grenades

There are no more excuses to skip grenade practice.

Image via Valve

Valve released another update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive last night.

The developer added a few commands that will help players practice their grenades. You have to enter these commands into the game’s console while you’re in your private server.

  • cl_grenadepreview: This one shows a live trajectory of the grenade after you pull the pin.
  • cl_sim_grenade_trajectory: This command will freeze the trajectory of the equipped grenade. It can be useful while you’re testing long-range smokes.
  • sv_rethrow_last_grenade: The last command recreates the last grenade thrown in the server. It’s good for practicing flashes at multiple angles.

Some of these commands were available in practice maps for grenades that you could download from the Steam workshop. The last command required an executable script created by the player, as shown by MIBR Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo in this video.

Now, grenade throws should be easier for CS:GO players. All they have to do is create and enable these commands in the server to practice on any map they want.

Throwing good grenades is a key part of Counter-Strike because it helps put you and your teammates in successful positions to kill the enemies. Now, your friends won’t have an excuse to not practice throws.

This is Valve’s second update this week that’s supposed to help players practice CS:GO. The company enhanced bots’ aim in deathmatch servers earlier this week.