Tarik wins 1-vs-4 clutch on Dust II

You can't give a professional player this sort of space.

Photo via StarLadder

Tarik Celik has been on Evil Geniuses’ bench since April 2021, but he keeps amusing his Counter-Strike fans during his streams, often making funny plays for the sake of content creation and winning impossible clutches.

The ELEAGUE Boston Major winner was in a rough spot during one of his latest competitive CS:GO matches as he was left in a one-versus-four situation with just a Scout, the game’s weak version of the sniper rifle. Tarik was given a window after the first CT over-peeked from the A bombsite and he punished him with a Scout headshot from Pit. As he made his way forward on Long, another CT started peeking him from near the CT spawn, but whiffed all his three shots and allowed Tarik to kill him with an AK-47 he found on the ground.

His dead teammates were trying to guess where the opponents were and one of them had a precise read, telling tarik that he was flanking from Long. The former EG starter turned his back and killed the CT with a headshot. The last CT was probably the one who played it seriously as he surprised tarik from the Elevator position, but the 25-year-old still managed to hit a crispy flick headshot on him.

Some of his teammates immediately screamed after tarik won the one-versus-four clutch, but he remained surprisingly calm and got a free AWP that was on the ground. He was playing this PUG with Team Liquid’s Jake “Stewie2K” Yip and former professional player Mohamad “m0E” Assad, and was comfortably leading the Terrorist side in frags with 17 kills in total, nine more than Stewie2K.

Tarik has been a full-time streamer ever since he was moved to EG’s inactive roster and is unclear if he’ll ever play professionally again. He currently has 895,000 followers on Twitch and has streamed more VALORANT than CS:GO in the last 30 months, according to Sullygnome’s statistics,