SAW’s arki not worried about team’s age, says they are at their best now

With age comes experience, and that's invaluable.

Screengrab via Sawyer Gaming/YouTube

At the PGL CS:GO Major Antwerp RMR competition, European team SAW dropped their first match before recovering and winning their second and third matches. Despite the wins, some fans speculated that the team’s average age negatively affected the team’s capabilities.

SAW rifler Omar “arki” Chakkor thinks that this is the best they’ve ever been, however. In an interview with HLTV, arki discussed the fact that SAW, with an average age of 28.6, is the oldest team at the event.

“We don’t really feel anything because it’s been a while now since we’ve been the oldest guys around,” arki said. “…Most of the guys from my time don’t play anymore, or play more for fun.”

Arki, who turned 32 in December, also said he and his SAW teammates “see ourselves at our best right now.” Additionally, he said has no lack of passion and motivation to keep competing despite the fact that he has been playing Counter-Strike for well over a decade.

Arki has been with SAW since January 2020. The team is currently in a tie for fifth place at the PGL Major Antwerp European RMR tournament after defeating Ancient and Fnatic. If they can secure a top-eight finish at the event, they will qualify for the next Major.