Nuke gets a makeover in the latest CS:GO update

Thanks, Valve.

Image via Valve

The most controversial map in the competitive pool underwent some changes in last night’s surprise CS:GO update.

Nuke’s newest revamp affects both bomb sites, as well as the outside areas of the map. The removal of the protruding catwalk outside of the main building is the biggest gameplay-related alteration to the map. The remaining layout changes are more detail-oriented though, resulting in small but noticeable changes in the flow of gameplay.

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The smaller crates near Garage were removed, the large crate was rotated, and the back area, formerly called “old secret,” is now blocked off. Another big tactical change to the outer areas of the map include the skyline above A site being opened with vent-shaped openings, allowing for easier grenade throws. The spawns for both terrorist and counter-terrorist sides were also moved up with changes to the outside.

On the A site the hut window is now blocked off, the middle yellow catwalk is unaccessible, and the ladder to the rafters was removed. The box configuration near Hut was also changed, and the static door at the Terrorist entrance to ramp was flipped. As for the B site, the railings near Ramp were removed and there’s more cover added in the corner under the vent entrance.

Since Nuke’s return to the Active Duty pool in April 2016, fans and players alike have slowly acquired a slight aversion towards Nuke. This was evident most recently at the ELEAGUE Major: Boston, when the map was only played twice throughout the three week event. It may have stemmed from the previous in-game sound systems however, which made it hard to hear gun and sound cues around the map.