NAVI to premiere s1mple documentary on Twitch

The doc will explore the ups and downs of the legendary CS:GO player.

Photo via StarLadder

To celebrate s1mple’s fifth anniversary in black and yellow, Natus Vincere is rolling out the red carpet and premiering a documentary about the CS:GO player on Twitch next month.

A NAVI watch party is set to be broadcast on the streaming platform on Sept. 8 at 11am CT with the help of LA-based virtual item trader DMarket, the esports org revealed today.

The documentary will follow s1mple’s life and explore his “ups and downs” as a player with insight from former and current teammates, his family, commentators, analysts, and “many others” from the Counter-Strike scene.

NAVI’s CEO reflected on the player in a press release. “I remember the time when we just signed a contract in 2016,” Yevhen Zolotarov said. “Honestly, now it’s hard to believe that it was already five years ago. For the esports industry, five years is quite a long period of time.”

To coincide with the documentary, DMarket has created a “unique drop-game” with exclusive items dedicated to s1mple. While watching the premiere, registered viewers will be able to receive both physical and virtual items including a NAVI jersey complete with s1mple’s signed autograph. 

“S1mple is a legend not only for NAVI but for esports in general,” co-founder and CEO of DMarket Vlad Panchenko said. “Therefore, the items that will be dropping during the NAVI watch party stream are also legendary and unique.”