NaToSaphiX to stand-in for Complexity in ESL Pro League season 12 Europe playoffs

Can NaToSaphiX have a positive impact as an stand-in once again?

Photo by Todd Gutierrez via Beyond the Summit

Complexity has signed Danish CS:GO player Niels-Christian “⁠NaToSaphiX⁠” Sillassen on a loan basis from Nordavind, the North American organization announced today.

NaToSaphiX will be filling Owen “oBo” Schlatter’s spot, who decided to leave Europe to return to his home in the U.S. earlier this week ahead of Complexity’s campaign at the ESL Pro League season 12 Europe playoffs. OBo had been feeling homesick for a long period and Complexity will try to negotiate his transfer to a team based in the U.S.

NaToSaphiX hasn’t been playing professionally since August after he decided to step down from Nordavind’s lineup in a mutual agreement with the organization. The 24-year-old played with Complexity’s in-game leader Benjamin “blameF” Bremer for three months in 2019 on Heroic.

The Danish player has found success as a stand-in before. He helped mousesports defeat G2 in the cs_summit five grand finals in December 2019.

Unless NaToSaphiX does well in this short period with Complexity, it’s unlikely that he’ll permanently stay with the team. Complexity’s CEO Jason Lake said earlier this week that he was looking for a permanent player. NaToSaphiX has an average rating of 1.06 in 2020 and will have the hard task of trying to match oBo’s number (1.11).

Complexity will begin their campaign at the ESL Pro League season 12 playoffs on Tuesday, Sept. 29 against ENCE at 2pm CT.