FaZe and Astralis secure grand final spots at IEM Sydney

They'll be playing in a best-of-five tomorrow.

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The grand final of IEM Sydney is set after two decisive semifinals last night.

FaZe Clan and Astralis came out on top of their matches against TyLoo and Mousesports, respectively. They’ll be going up against each other in a best-of-five to conclude the $250,000 event in Australia.

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Here are the results from the semifinal matchups at IEM Sydney.

FaZe Clan vs. TyLoo

TyLoo and FaZe traded Cache and Inferno, their own map picks, and FaZe seemed to be in control for most of the game. The Chinese put up a valiant fight against the European juggernauts, winning four out of six pistol rounds, while also keeping them on their toes throughout the match. HaoWen “somebody” Xu played a great game with a number of key frags to keep TyLoo in it, but Nikola “NiKo” Kovac’s impact-fragging abilities on Cache and map three Mirage kept TyLoo at bay.

FaZe Clan vs. TyLoo:

  • FaZe won Cache 16-9
  • TyLoo won Inferno 16-9
  • FaZe won Mirage 16-9

Astralis vs. Mousesports

The second semifinal between Astralis and Mouz had much more extreme results. Astralis closed out the series by crushing Mouz twice. Map two Inferno was the most contested, however. Mouz kept it close throughout the map, trading 8-7 CT halves with Astralis before heading into overtime. Even with Emil “Magisk” Reif and Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz leading the Danes at 37 and 32 kills, Mouz won map two before being destroyed on Cache.

Astralis vs. Mousesports:

  • Astralis won Dust II 16-3
  • Mouz won Inferno 19-17
  • Astralis won Cache 16-5

The finale of IEM Sydney will take place tomorrow at 12am CT, following the “Caches showmatch” between Australians and Englishmen.

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