HuNter- speaks out on claims G2 is making CS:GO roster changes after Dallas slip

So it's settled?

huNter- competes at Paris CS:GO Major.
Photo by Michał Konkol via BLAST

G2 Esports’ huNter- addressed recent roster change rumors after falling short in the IEM Dallas 2023 quarterfinals.

The star player claimed G2’s in-game leader, HooXi, will keep his role on the team, shutting down rumors which surfaced after a poor showing at the Paris CS:GO Major.

“I mean, everything we do is HooXi’s call. People are now maybe thinking that somebody else will take over, but no. We just failed one, one-and-a-half events kinda, and HooXi is our IGL and he will keep calling,” huNter- said in an interview with HLTV on June 4.

The biggest rumor regarding G2’s CS:GO division is HooXi will be replaced with GamerLegion’s Kamil “siuhy” Szkaradek. The latter had a phenomenal showing in Paris where he led his team all the way to the grand final despite a 0-2 start in the Challengers Stage.

It’s practically a tradition for organizations to shuffle their rosters after an unsuccessful Major run in CS:GO, and it could be a similar story this time around. G2 didn’t even make it to the playoffs despite being one of the favorites to win the Paris Major. Meanwhile, siuhy remains a top prospect on the market thanks to GamerLegion’s fantastic display at the event.

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BLAST Premier Spring Final, another big event, will kick off this week. Following the tournament, most teams will take a month-long break before returning to competition with the BLAST Premier Fall Groups on July 13. Counter-Strike 2 could also be launched in the foreseeable future thanks to the game being scheduled to release this summer.

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