How to watch DreamHack Masters Stockholm and what to expect

CS:GO is finally back after a long month of rest and relaxation.

The final season of CS:GO in 2018 has arrived with DreamHack Masters Stockholm set to begin on Wednesday, Aug. 29.

From Aug. 29 to Sep. 29, DreamHack will host the first large international tournament since the August player break began. The $250,000 will take place in the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden, where the next champion of Counter-Strike will be crowned.

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Per usual, there will be a GSL-style group stage consisting of 16 teams and four groups. Each group will have two initial best-of-one matches, a winners’ match, a losers’ match, and a decider match. Only two teams from each group will advance to the playoff bracket, where eight teams will fight in a single-elimination bracket for a shot at the trophy. Below is a tentative schedule of the group stage and playoffs.

Group A

Astralis vs. Grayhound Gaming Aug. 29 7am CT
North vs. TyLoo Aug. 29 8:30am CT
Losers’ Match Aug. 29 1pm CT
Winners’ Match Aug. 30 5am CT
Decider Match Aug. 31 5am CT

Group B

Natus Vincere vs. Ghost Gaming Aug. 29 7am CT
Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. NRG Esports Aug. 29 8:30am CT
Losers’ Match Aug. 29 1pm CT
Winners’ Match Aug. 30 8am CT
Decider Match Aug. 31 8am CT

Group C

FaZe Clan vs. Heroic Aug. 29 10am CT
Fnatic vs. OpTic Gaming Aug. 29 11:30am CT
Losers’ Match Aug. 30 5am CT
Winners’ Match Aug. 30 11am CT
Decider Match Aug. 31 11am CT

Group D

Mousesports vs. Gambit Esports (Aug. 29 10am CT)
MIBR vs. HellRaisers (Aug. 29 11:30am CT)
Losers’ Match (Aug. 30 8am CT)
Winners’ Match (Aug. 30 2pm CT)
Decider Match (Aug. 31 2pm CT)


Quarterfinal 1 Sep. 1 5am CT
Quarterfinal 2 Sep. 1 8am CT
Quarterfinal 3 Sep. 1 11am CT
Quarterfinal 4 Sep. 1 2pm CT
Semifinal 1 Sep. 2 6am CT
Semifinal 2 Sep. 2 9am CT
Grand Final Sep. 2 1pm CT

There are three heavyweights that are favored to win the Swedish event—Astralis, FaZe Clan, and Natus Vincere. But knowing how fickle professional Counter-Strike can be, other hungry teams like MIBR, Fnatic, NiP, OpTic, Mouz, HR, and NRG could definitely pull off the upset in crucial matches. There could also be potential upsets from Ghost, TyLoo, Heroic, North, and even Grayhound.

All of the action at DreamHack Masters Stockholm can be viewed on DreamHack’s primary and secondary Twitch channels, with eight other non-English streams available as well, including Russian, German, Turkish, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, Polish, and Chinese.