How to play Operation Riptide missions without a pass in CS:GO

CS:GO's latest Operation launched on Sept. 21.

Image via Valve

To play missions in Operation Riptide, CS:GO’s 11th Operation, you’ll need access to either Prime status or an Operation pass.

An Operation pass will set you back $14.99 but comes with a unique set of rewards and includes an upgradeable mission coin. 

You can spend stars, which are earned from completing missions, on a range of new agents like the Guerilla Warfare Terrorists, the CT SEAL team “Frogmen,” and the French Gendarmerie, as well as sticker collections, patches, weapon cases, and XP boosts.

The Operation Riptide coin, which comes with the pass, can be leveled from bronze to diamond. The higher you level your coin, the better rewards you’ll earn. 

New mission types have been introduced to CS:GO with Operation Riptide, including scavenger hunts, graffiti missions, and more. 

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If you haven’t committed to buying a pass yet, and you have Prime status, you’ll be given credit for any missions you complete and progress towards upgrading your coin. 

Prime status is a feature available for players who purchased CS:GO before it went free-to-play in December 2019. It can also be purchased for $14.99 on Steam or earned by reaching level 21.