How to complete all week 6 missions in CS:GO’s Operation Riptide

Rumble in the jungle.

Image via Valve

If the return of CS:GO Majors via the ongoing PGL Stockholm Major has reawakened your interest in Counter-Strike, then you’ve picked a great time to get back into it.

Operation Riptide was released in September and its owners have access to now six weeks’ worth of operation missions that can earn them stars to spend in the operation store.

Here’s how you can complete all of the week six missions in Operation Riptide.

Get a killstreak in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Sigma matches

Queue up deathmatch in Defusal Group Sigma and get a killstreak of three, five, and seven kills to earn up to three stars. With the introduction of free-for-all deathmatch, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get kills. But you’re also more susceptible to getting killed yourself, so watch out.

Earn a star for reaching each of the three killstreak milestones listed above.

Win 21 rounds or one match of Wingman on Nuke

Find a teammate and queue up for a Wingman match on Nuke. If you can win one match or 21 rounds total in the smaller two-vs-two version of Nuke, you’ll earn three stars. If you don’t have a teammate lined up, you can use Wingman matchmaking or the “Looking to play” tab on the right-side menu.

Get 20 rifle kills in Guardian: Blacksite

This week’s Guardian mission sees you return to the Blacksite map and challenges you to get 20 kills combined with any rifle to complete the mission. Each round requires you to face off against five attacking enemies who get tougher each round and have better equipment. Starting in the third round, a “heavy” juggernaut opponent joins the group with pinpoint accuracy, heavy armor, and a lot of health. He slowly pushes each round and you should definitely fight him together.

Get 15 kills total kills with someone else’s gun or seven kills with someone else’s gun in one match on Casual

You’ll return to the Casual game mode again this week. But instead of getting a large total of kills as you did in week four, you’ll have to get kills with someone else’s weapon—either 15 overall or seven in a single map. Your best bet will be to talk to your teammates at the start of a round and have everyone exchange weapons. Or you can just bait them and pick up their guns when they get killed—your choice. You could also queue with a friend and swap guns each round.