How to complete all week 5 missions in CS:GO’s Operation Riptide

Welcome to your Tropical Paradise.

Image via Valve

The fifth set of weekly Operation Riptide missions has arrived in CS:GO, bringing six more operation stars for the operation owners to earn and spend at the store.

This week, there are two more Guardian and competitive short match missions to accomplish, while there are also missions set in Danger Zone and in Arms Race.

Here’s how you can complete all of the week five missions in Operation Riptide.

Complete up to five tasks in Danger Zone on County

Players can earn between one to three stars during Danger Zone matches on County by completing any of these five tasks:

  • Earn money while your tablet has lost
  • Purchase the high res tablet upgrade
  • Destroy an automated sentry gun turret
  • Plant C4 at Tourist location
  • Damage an enemy while standing on a rock

You have the choice to spawn with C4, so doing that while starting near Tourist can earn you a quick star. You can drop your tablet when you spot an enemy or some cash on the ground. There are plenty of rocks to stand on and turrets are easy to spot, too. The hardest one is probably the tablet upgrade given its cost.

Complete one task to earn one star. Complete three tasks to earn two stars. Complete all five tasks to earn three stars.

Win 21 total rounds or earn three round MVPs in a single game of Dust II short match

The iconic Dust II is home to this week’s short match mission. Unlike previous short match missions, you can’t complete it just by winning a single match. You’ll need to win 21 total rounds, which would take at the very least three matches, or win three round MVP awards during a single match.

This earns you three stars.

Get 30 headshot kills total or 16 headshot kills in a single match in Arms Race

CS:GO’s take on the gun game mode is the setting for the next mission. Get 16 headshot kills in a single match of Arms Race or 30 kills total.

This earns you two stars.

Get SMG kills in Guardian: Insertion II

This Guardian mission takes you to the supermarket in the new hostage rescue map, Insertion II. This is a map you should be more familiar with if you completed all the week four missions.

You and a teammate must survive never-ending waves of five attacking CTs, with the ability to purchase weapons after each round. Get your hands on your favorite SMG and notch 20 kills to complete the mission and earn two stars.