How much is the women’s CS:GO Circuit prize pool?

A prize pool worthy of champions.

Image via ESL.

ESL recently announced its #GGFORALL initiative, which aims to provide support and stability to the women’s CS:GO scene. The first part of the initiative is a full-blown pro-circuit with online regional leagues and LAN tournaments. In addition to more tournaments and a stable pro-circuit, there will also be a new women’s council and a talent development program aiming to lead the youngsters of the scene.

The new pro-circuit has a stacked calendar with multiple online and offline events. It comes with a large enough prize pool that should light the competitive fire in all the players who’re looking to compete in the circuit.

Women’s CS:GO circuit features a $500,000 prize pool across regular tournaments and events. The two online leagues will be tailored to North American and European teams, and each season will have two stages and a global LAN final at the end of each stage. In addition to the North American and European qualifiers, a team from the Asian-Pacific and South American regions will attend the global LAN finals. These wildcard participants will be selected through open qualifiers.

Fans who’d like to check out the current schedule of ESL’s women’s CS:GO circuit can visit here.