Here’s the schedule for PGL Antwerp CS:GO Major

You don't want to miss out on the action.

Image via PGL

PGL has unveiled the full schedule for the Antwerp CS:GO Major, the first Valve-sponsored tournament of 2022.

The $1 million event will be played in Antwerp, Belgium from May 9 to 22 and feature three stages. The 16 Challengers and Contenders teams start the competition in the Challengers stage and the top eight advance to the Legends stage, where the eight teams with Legend status will be waiting.

These two stages use a Swiss system format that lasts four days each. The Challengers and Legends stage has best-one-matches and best-of-three series. The latter is used only for advancement and elimination games. Teams need to win three matches to progress and need to lose three to be knocked out of the event.

The top eight teams from the Legends stage qualify for the Champions stage, the competition’s single-bracket playoffs. This last stage will run from May 19 to 22 at the Antwerps Sportpaleis arena in front of a live crowd. All Champions stage matches are best-of-three series.

Here is the complete schedule for PGL Antwerp Major.


Monday, May 9 (Start of Challengers Stage)

All times are CT and susceptible to delays.

Round one

  • 5am: Vitality vs. Complexity
  • 5am: Bad News Eagles vs. Eternal Fire
  • 6:15am: G2 vs. Liquid
  • 6:15am: forZe vs. Renegades
  • 7:30am: Astralis vs. IHC
  • 7:30am: Spirit vs. Imperial
  • 8:45am: Outsiders vs. MIBR
  • 8:45am: ENCE vs. 9z

Round two (1-0 pool)

  • 10am: G2 vs. Spirit
  • 11:15am CT: forZe vs. Bad News Eagles
  • 12:30pm: ENCE vs. Outsiders
  • 1:45pm: Astralis vs. Vitality

Round two (0-1 pool)

  • 10am: Eternal Fire vs. Renegades
  • 11:15pm CT: Complexity vs. IHC
  • 12:30pm: Imperial vs. Liquid
  • 1:45pm: MIBR vs. 9z

Tuesday, May 10

Round three (1-1 pool)

  • 5am: Spirit vs. Eternal Fire
  • 5am: Bad News Eagles vs. Imperial
  • 6:15am: Astralis vs. MIBR
  • 6:15am: Complexity vs. Outsiders

Round three (2-0 pool)

  • 7:30am: Vitality vs. forZe
  • 11:15am: ENCE vs. G2

Round three (0-2 pool)

  • 7:30am: Renegades vs. IHC
  • 11:15am: Liquid vs. 9z

Wednesday, May 11

Round four (2-1 pool)

  • 5am: Astralis vs. Spirit
  • 8:45am: Outsiders vs. forZe
  • 12:30pm: ENCE vs. Bad News Eagles

Round four (1-2 pool)

  • 5am: Imperial vs. IHC
  • 8:45: Complexity vs. Liquid
  • 12:30pm: MIBR vs. Eternal Fire

Thursday, May 12 (End of Challengers Stage)

Round five (2-2 pool)

  • 5am: Astralis vs. Liquid
  • 8:45am: MIBR vs. Bad News Eagles
  • 12:30pm: forZe vs. Imperial

Saturday, May 14 (Start of Legends Stage)

  • 5am: Heroic vs. Liquid
  • 5am: Copenhagen Flames vs. Bad News Eagles
  • 6:15am: NiP vs. Vitality
  • 6:15am: Cloud9 vs. Outsiders
  • 7:30am: FaZe vs. ENCE
  • 7:30am: FURIA vs. Spirit
  • 8:45am: NAVI vs. G2
  • 8:45am: Imperial vs. BIG
  • 10am: Vitality vs. Outsiders
  • 10am: Heroic vs. Spirit
  • 11:15am: Copenhagen Flames vs. ENCE
  • 11:15am: FaZe vs. Bad News Eagles
  • 12:30pm: BIG vs. NAVI
  • 12:30pm: FURIA vs. Liquid
  • 1:45pm: Cloud9 vs. NiP
  • 1:45pm: G2 vs. Imperial

Sunday, May 15

Round three (1-1 pool)

  • 5am: Heroic vs. G2
  • 5am: ENCE vs. Outsiders
  • 6:15am: Cloud9 vs. FaZe
  • 6:15am: BIG vs. FURIA

Round three (2-0 pool)

  • 7:30am: Spirit vs. Copenhagen Flames
  • 11:15am: NAVI vs. NiP

Round three (0-2 pool)

  • 7:30am: Vitality vs. Liquid
  • 11:15am: Bad News Eagles vs. Imperial

Monday, May 16

Round four (2-1 pool)

  • 5am: Copenhagen Flames vs FaZe
  • 8:45am: NiP vs FURIA
  • 12:30pm: ENCE vs Heroic

Round four (1-2 pool)

  • 5am: BIG vs Vitality
  • 8:45am: G2 vs Outsiders
  • 12:30pm: Cloud9 vs Imperial

Tuesday, May 17 (End of Legends Stage)

Round five (2-2 pool)

  • 5am: Heroic vs. Vitality
  • 8:45am: G2 vs. FURIA
  • 12:30pm: Imperial vs. Copenhagen Flames

Thursday, May 19 (Start of Champions Stage)


  • 9:30am CT: FaZe vs. NiP
  • 1pm CT: Spirit vs. FURIA

Friday, May 20


  • 9:30am CT: ENCE vs. Copenhagen Flames
  • 1pm CT: NAVI vs. Heroic

Saturday, May 21

  • 9:30am CT: FaZe vs. Spirit
  • 1pm CT: NAVI vs. ENCE

Sunday, May 22 (End of Champions Stage)

  • 11am: Showmatch
  • 1pm: NAVI vs. FaZe Clan