GeT_RiGhT might be NiP’s in-game leader

He was sitting in the middle against Astralis.

Photo via DreamHack

Ninjas in Pyjamas may have changed their in-game leader. Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund sat in the middle of the team today against Astralis in Group A’s elimination match at the ECS season seven finals.

If this change is confirmed, the legendary player has become NiP’s new captain. Jonas “Lekr0” Olofsson has been NiP’s in-game leader since July 2018.

NiP’s biggest achievement under Lekr0’s leadership was making it to the IEM Katowice Major legend’s stage in February. It was the first time that NiP reached the top eight at a Major since MLG Columbus in April 2016.

NiP have been struggling over the past few months, mostly due to the lineup’s instability. Dennis Edman asked to sit out for a few events this March and they played two events with William “draken” Sundin as a stand-in.

Dennis returned in April, but NiP had a poor campaign at ESL Pro League season nine. They finishing at the bottom and will face the risk of being relegated to ESEA MDL later this year.

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They also couldn’t play with dennis at DreamHack Masters Dallas last week. He was ruled out of the competition since he couldn’t travel to the United States. NiP struggled while playing with Faruk Pita, their coach, and they were sent home in the early stage of the competition.

If GeT_RiGhT really did take over the in-game leader role for NiP, he didn’t have the best start—but it’s too soon to make judgments. NiP lost their first game 16-11 to NRG and they were eliminated after losing 2-0 to Astralis. They only won six of their 34 T-side rounds while competing at the ECS season seven finals.

NiP will have almost a month to prepare for their next tournament at ESL One Cologne in July.