Gambit’s PGL Stockholm Major dream lives on with win over FURIA in quarterfinals

Even with the crowd behind them, FURIA couldn't overpower the CIS powerhouse.

Photo via PGL

Gambit convincingly beat FURIA 2-0 today in the PGL Stockholm Major’s third quarterfinal.

The Brazilians were the only CS:GO team from North or South America left in the Major, so the hopes of both regions were put on their shoulders. This showdown resulted in record viewership for the CS:GO tournament’s streams so far with over 1.2 million people tuning in to watch these squads battle it out, according to Esports Charts.

FURIA tried their best against Gambit, who were the heavy favorites of this quarterfinal. Hobbit’s squad lived up to those expectations and won 2-0.

Still, it wasn’t as one-sided as the map score may suggest. FURIA almost managed to come back on Inferno, which was their map pick. KSCERATO, who was the best player on the server during the first map (31 kills and 1.29 2.0 rating), led FURIA to overtime. But Gambit were resilient and didn’t let the Brazilians steal the map from them, coming out on top 19-17.

It was tough for FURIA to keep their hopes up while loading onto Overpass, though, a map that Gambit hasn’t lost in the last three months. The CIS representatives once again proved why it’s their playground since they took it in impressive fashion, 16-10.

It’s impossible to pick one standout player for Gambit during this series. The team pulled through with almost perfect teamwork and communication, often trading kills in a smart way. They were just a few steps ahead of FURIA for most of the match.

The PGL Stockholm Major continues today with Natus Vincere taking on Team Vitality in the fourth quarterfinal. You can catch all the action on PGL’s Twitch stream. You can stay up to date with the PGL Stockholm Major scores, standings, and schedule here.

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