TyLoo stickers break price records as Flash stickers are added to CS:GO

Sticker traders are going nuts.


TyLoo’s ELEAGUE Boston Major stickers are now unavailable for purchase in the CS:GO client, making them an extremely rare item on the Steam community market.

Last night, Valve removed TyLoo’s stickers from the game and replaced them with Flash Gaming stickers, since Flash is taking TyLoo’s spot at the Boston Major next week. As a result, TyLoo’s stickers have increased exponentially from their initial price of $0.99 to anywhere between $100 and $300––a new record for any CS:GO sticker in history, prior to a given Valve Major.

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TyLoo’s stickers are still raising in price, similar to any of iBuyPower and Titan’s in-game stickers. The team Holo and Foil stickers, as well as the player Holo and Gold, are the main stickers that’ve undergone huge increases in the past day.

Now that TyLoo’s stickers can only be purchased from the Steam market—with a limited supply and a high demand—vendors can set a large selling price for collectors who want to gain the coveted Chinese stickers.

If you happen to be a lucky user with TyLoo stickers in your inventory, you can opt to sell them for a high price on the Steam market right now, or you can gamble and wait ’til they gain value in the long-term.