Finland reportedly boasts most Global Elite players in CS:GO, Mexico leads in most Silver 1 players

Why Finland doesn't have a healthy professional scene remains a mystery.

Image via Valve

Leetify, a third-party CS:GO software platform that analyzes matches and provides studies, has used its available data to rank today which countries have the most players in Global Elite (GE), the ultimate rank of Valve’s FPS, within their player base.

The data is based on over seven million unique matchmaking players that used Leetify’s match analysis. Finland currently tops the list with 4.32 percent of the country’s player base ranking at GE. Sweden, one of the most traditional countries of Counter-Strike esports, is the second with 2.73 percent, and Estonia rounds out the top three with 2.60 percent. The full top 20 is available below.

Image via Leetify

Finland and Estonia are placed way above Brazil and France, who are placed in eighth and 10th, respectively. Both Brazil and France have a lot of professional teams and have won a CS:GO major, the most prestigious tournament of the competitive scene, two times each.

Image via Leetify

Leetify has also provided a list that shows the percentage of each country’s player base at Silver 1, the lowest rank available in CS:GO. Mexico is the leader with 17.81 percent, followed by Colombia (13.09 percent), and the United States (8.80 percent). Bulgaria and Hungary are the only countries that appeared in both top 20 lists.